Feature 1

Easy to install

You can easily install and configure our device. There are a lot of built-in rules for filtering bad web-sites and obscene words.

Feature 2

Protect all your devices

All your computers, laptops, tablets and mobile devices are protected without additional actions.

Feature 3

Not only at home

You can use our device not only at home! But at school, cafe or office as well.

What network hazards are

The Internet became a very important part of our life. It helps us to connect with people, get news and do shopping. There are many threats facing children online: porn, violence, harassment, drugs and alcohol. There are a lot of unwanted web-sites which can damage mental health of children. Also, social networks and online games can replace child's real hobbies, sports, school and meeting with friends. Nowadays we have a huge amount of information every day, so monitoring what your child is interested in the web is almost impossible.

What can I do?

Some people install special applications on their computers or use "safe" search in the web. But this is not very effective because to connect to the Internet a child can use different devices(laptop, tablet, etc.) and you can't install that application on all this ones. Existing applications for restriction network access can be switched off very easy. Children are more clever than you can imagine.

There is a solution!

Let us to introduce a solution which don't have that problems and restrictions. Just connect to network throw our device and you'll have safe access to the Internet. You will have an easy way to allow and prohibit web-sites in order to control your children's interests. There is a possibility to block social networks and online games. Also, you will be able to cover all your devices (laptops, tablets, mobile phones, Smart TV devices, etc.) with these possibilities without installation any additional applications.